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2021 LOF Summer Fruit Tour - Online Pre-registration Is Closed - See Below

Event Details

Event Offers DEC Credits


August 12, 2021


All Day


Fruit Farms around Wayne County


Free Registration - Due to COVID each attendee must provide name : Free
Please provide your full name and include a phone number on the same line


Lake Ontario Fruit Program

Craig Kahlke

2021 LOF Summer Fruit Tour -


Please dress for the weather and walking and bring sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, chairs, etc.

2.5 hrs of DEC recertification credits will be available for the tour. Bring your DEC Pesticide Applicator's License. If you need DEC credits, please arrive on time to sign the roster and plan to stay all day. DEC will not allow partial credit.

Follow Cornell Fruit Event Signs!

Morgan Farms, Stops 1-3- Farm - hosts Ben Nevlezer, and Magdaleno Cervantes, Morgan Farms. Stop Leader- Mark Wiltberger.

Stop 1 -Warner Road Farm, SW of 3905 Warner Rd, Marion, NY 14505

8:00 Registration/check-in & DEC recertification credit sign-in. Please bring your DEC ID card!
8:30 Welcome - Craig Kahlke, LOF Team Leader.
8:35 Introduction to Morgan Farms - Mark Wiltberger. Mark will describe the background of the Morgan Farms business, and the three locations we will be visiting today. He will introduce the two farm managers, Ben Nevlezer and Magdaleno Cervantes.
Orchard Walk - Mark Wiltberger. At each of the locations, we will visit process and fresh blocks, of different ages and tree planting densities. Mark will review the history and performance of each block, and discuss "lessons learned" with Ben and Magdaleno.
8:40 Establishment of the Warner Road Farm Site - Mark Wiltberger. Overview of the establishment of the Warner Road Farm site.
8:45 Idared / Crispin Block - Mark Wiltberger. Overview of the Idared / Crispin block with Ben Nevlezer and Magdaleno Cervantes.
8:50 Experiences with Fire Blight in Mature Orchards the Past Few Seasons - Janet van Zoeren, Ben Nevlezer, Isabella Yannuzzi and Dr. Kerik Cox (Cornell University). In this presentation, Janet will introduce a regional context of how Fire Blight has shown up this season. Kerik and Isabella will follow with recommendations for the rest of this season and beyond, including an update on Strep resistance.
9:15 Scarf Skin management - Dr. Kerik Cox and David Strickland (Cornell University). A brief update on PGR research for managing scarf skin during rainy seasons in susceptible varieties.
9:20 Fuji Block - Mark Wiltberger. Overview of the Fuji block with Ben Nevlezer and Magdaleno Cervantes.
9:25 NY2 (RubyFrost™) Block - Mark Wiltberger. Overview of the RubyFrost™ block with Ben Nevlezer and Magdaleno Cervantes.
9:30 Masterclass Program - Nicole Waters, Cornell University. With Magdaleno Cervantes. Nicole will discuss this class available for LOF region farms for training employees for leadership positions.

9:35 Travel to Morgan Farms Stop 2 - Ball Road Farm, NW of 3990 Ball Road (5 minutes).
Morgan Farms Stop 2 - Ball Road Farm

10:00 Overview of the Ball Road Farm Site - Mark Wiltberger.
10:05 Taylor Rome / Jonagold Block - Mark Wiltberger. Overview of the Taylor Rome / Jonagold block with Ben Nevlezer and Magdaleno Cervantes.
10:10 NY674 (AutumnCrisp™) Block - Mark Wiltberger. Overview of the NY674 (AutumnCrisp™) block with Ben Nevlezer and Magdaleno Cervantes.
10:15 New Planting - Golden Delicious High-Density Processing Block - Mark Wiltberger. Mark will review the specifications of this high-density 12'x3' processing block and some of the investment costs of establishment.
10:25 Designing Processing Orchards for the Future - Dr. Terence Robinson, Cornell University. Terence will discuss the optimal design of processing orchards for productivity and profit.

10:45 Travel to Morgan Farms Stop 3 - Cory Corners Road Farm, East Planting ("Siberia") (10 minutes).

Morgan Farms Stop 3 - Cory Corners Road Farm

11:15 Overview of the Cory Corners Road Farm Site ("Siberia") - Mark Wiltberger (5 minutes).
11:20 Underground Contributions to Declining Blocks in High-Density Orchards - Dr. Awais Khan, Cornell University. In a newly funded USDA-SARE project, we will characterize the root system and viruses of two major rootstocks in high density orchard systems in three regions of New York State. Results will be critically analyzed to circumscribe the role of roots in the rapid decline and identify management solutions in the short, medium, and long term.

11:40 Travel to Williamson Town Park, 3773 Eddy Rd, Williamson, NY 14589. (10 minutes).

Stop 4 - Lunch Stop - Williamson Town Park

12:00 Lunch and Sponsor visits at Williamson Town Park.

1:30 Travel to Hermenet Fruit Farm, 7017 Bear Swamp Rd, Williamson. (10 minutes).

Stop 5 - Hermenet Fruit Farm- host Mark Hermenet. Stop Leader-Mario Miranda Sazo.

2:00 Fine-tuning the fruit growth rate model and new alternatives for chemical thinning with Metamitron and ACC - Dr. Terence Robinson, Dr. Luis Gonzalez (Cornell University), Poliana Francescatto (Valent Biosciences), and Mario Miranda Sazo.
2:15 ATS sprays applied at bloom/guided by the Pollen Tube Growth Model (PTGM) and the use of ACC as a rescue treatment on a Mature Gala block - Dr. Terence Robinson, Mario Miranda Sazo, and Mark Hermenet.
2:30 Establishing, Training, and Nutrient Management of Two-year old Honeycrisp and NY-1 trees on B.9. Trees produced by grower host and planted at 2x11ft. In addition, there will be a short discussion and demonstration about the use of a Huron platform and the development of an auto-steering system in collaboration with Ridge Automation LLC. - Dr. Terence Robinson, Dr. Lailiang Cheng, Mario Miranda Sazo, and Mark Hermenet.
2:45 Transitioning from fresh to processing blocks with Macoun, AceyMac, and Red Delicious on M.9 rootstock (5x13ft plantings). - Dr. Terence Robinson, Mario Miranda Sazo, Mark Wiltberger, and Mark Hermenet.
3:00 Electric weeders and precision sprayers - the future of orchard weed management? - Janet van Zoeren.
3:30 Wrap up tour, Receive DEC Certificates.

Cornell Outdoor Meeting Policy
Based on the updated guidance from New York State Forward and the CDC due to improving COVID-19 infection and vaccination rates, Director Watkins is supportive of revising the CCE regional Ag team outdoor field meeting (including open-air, well ventilated barns) guidelines at this time. Effective June 1, 2021, the size limit for field meetings will be increased from 25 to 500 consistent w/ the NYS and CDC guidelines. Masks are only required for unvaccinated attendees, and they also need to maintain 6' social distance during events. The "honor system" will be used for determining who needs to wear masks and maintain social distance. All attendees will be required to sign in and provide contact information should follow up contact tracing be necessary. There are no restrictions on the time limit for events and food may be provided.

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February 16, 2023

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Western NY Fruit Conference - "State of the Industry"

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February 27 - February 28, 2023
Henrietta, NY

CCE-LOF are excited to bring you a muti-day fruit conference in WNY! This is replacing our Winter Fruit Schools. Tentative Agenda is now available.

Fire Blight Informational Series - Michigan Fire Blight Meeting

March 1, 2023 : Michigan Fire Blight Meeting
Traverse City, MI

The team leading the national fire blight SCRI grant "Comprehensive Fire Blight Management for the United States" is hosting a March meeting (in person or virtual) as well as a webinar series. This multi-state series will address new research on best management practices for fire blight control. You are encouraged to attend these events which will provide cutting edge research recommendations into how to manage fire blight. Each session eligible for some DEC credits (see below for quantities, and bottom of article for direction on how to receive credit).


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Courses Available All Year - Cornell Small Farms Program New Season of Online Courses-Enroll Now!


8 Feb - Becker Forum - All Day - Oncenter, Syracuse

12-15 Feb - 66th Annual IFTA Conference & Tours - Grand Rapids, MI - $650

16 Feb - Apple Leafcurling Midge IPM - Webinar - 1:30-2:30pm - Registration Now Open

27 & 28 Feb - WNY Winter Fruit Conference - Registration Now Open

7-10 Mar - 2023 Annual Meeting & Conference of the 10th NASS & NASGA - San Luis Obispo, California

14 Mar - USDA/RMA Listening Session - Spring 2023 Apple Grower Meeting -
The Risk Management Agency (RMA) is inviting interested parties to participate in a listening session to discuss the proposed changes to the apple crop insurance program. Free - Rochester

14-15 Mar - Curso de Desarrollo de Liderazgo - contact Tim Shenk

15 Mar - Fire Blight Informational Webinar Series - Using biopesticides to help control fire blight - 7-8PM

16 Mar - CCE Stone Fruit Updates Webinar - registration coming soon

17 & 21 Mar - Pre-Exam Training to Become a Certified Pesticide Applicator - Wayne Co CCE - $50

21 Mar - Strep Resistant Erwinia amylovora in New York States - 1-2:30pm, virtual, registration coming soon

24 Mar - Test to Become a Certified Pesticide Applicator - Wayne Co CCE - $100 

13 Jun - Fire Blight Informational Webinar Series - Pruning and sanitation strategies to reduce fire blight - 7-8PM

18 Oct - Fire Blight Informational Webinar Series - Using weather and environmental conditions to optimize biologicals and biopesticides for bloom production - 7-8PM

Food Safety Virtual Office Hours

Cornell Institute of Food Safety "Virtual Office Hours", Tuesdays Noon to 1pm

Past recorded virtual office hours can be found on YouTube:

Webinar Recordings

Check out the recordings of some recent webinars:


Employment Opportunities

The CCE-LOF Program has created a space to share Lake Ontario Fruit Region local employment opportunities. See listings and details for sharing listings at|business

Pollinator Resouces

Now available Pollinator Resource Links

Meeting Recordings Now Available

Did you miss the recent meeting?  Check and see if we recorded it and added it to our website or Lake Ontario Fruit Program YouTube Channel.

Honeycrisp Meetup recordings available here.

Why are my trees growing so poorly? recording available here.

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New Publication on Growing Pawpaws

Are you a fan of pawpaws? These custardy fruits can be hard to come across, so this guide provides information on how to grow your own pawpaw from seed, and how to care for grafted seedlings. Pdf on growing now available.​|crops|unusual_fruit|crop*50

New Weed Management Technology Survey

Want to move away from herbicide reliance? Are you using novel technologies to manage weeds? We want to know about it to inform our weed science research. A team of weed scientists from University of California Davis, Oregon State University, and Cornell University are asking berry, tree fruit, tree nut, and vine crop growers to take 5 to 10 minutes and answer this short and anonymous survey. Weed Technology Survey link:

For more information on this survey please visit

Pollinator Webinar Series - Summer 2020

The Pollinator Webinar Series presented by Penn State cover bee health and pollination services.

Bloom Pesticides for Pollinator Health

A reference table created by Janet van Zoeren and Anna Wallis, is now available at|pests.