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Event Offers DEC Credits

Event Details


July 12, 2017


Registration & DEC Credit Sign Up, 8 AM, Program Runs 8:30 AM to approximately 4 - 4:30 PM


5 Cutting Edge Fruit Farms in Niagara, Orleans, and Monroe Counties Along Beautiful Lake Ontario


This event is free.


Lake Ontario Fruit Program

Pre-Registration Deadline: July 9, 2017


2017 LOF Summer Fruit Tour - Sticking to the Lake!

July 12, 2017

Pack for comfort & the weather: bring hats, sunscreen, umbrellas, and a chair if you do not want to stand too long. Bring Your DEC Pesticide Applicator ID’s -DEC Pesticide Recertification Credits Offered: 0.75 hrs AM, 1.00 hrs PM, in categories 10, 1A, and 22.

Look for Cornell Fruit Event Signs at each of the following Stops!

Stop 1 - Lakeside Orchards, 4850 E. Lake Rd., Burt, NY 14028. Follow Cornell Fruit Event signs and turn into the driveway across from mailbox 4851, onto the South Side of Route 18. Park in large open fields to the West of the Registration Tents and Along the Orchards in needed.

Registration & DEC Credit Sign-Up 8-8:30 AM
8:30 AM " 9 AM Leopard moth, Trojan horse or resident alien? Tess Grasswitz, Doug Ingersoll
9 " 9:30 AM Nutrition on High Value Apple Varieties, Lailiang Cheng, Mario Miranda Sazo, John King

9:35 to 9:45 AM Travel to Stop 2

Stop 2 Bittner-Singer Orchards, 7171 Lake Rd., Appleton, NY 14008 (Park at MarJim Manor)

9:45 to 10 AM Establishing a Perpendicular V system in Peaches & Nectarines, Kevin Bittner, Mario Miranda Sazo
10 to 10:25 AM An Organic Tall Spindle Apple Orchard, Jim Bittner, Art Agnello, Kerik Cox
10:25 to 10:45 AM Precision Irrigation for High Density Apples on Dwarfing Rootstocks, Jaume Lordan

10:50 to 11:30 AM Travel to Stops 3 & 4 Stop 3 Zingler Farms, 1469 Norway Rd, Kendall, NY 14476 (Park in Designated Areas, See Map)

11:35 AM Noon Precision Chemical Thinning Multiple Years, Poliana Francescatto, Mario Miranda Sazo, Jimmy Zingler
Receive AM DEC credits

Stop 4 Lunch, Zingler Farms, same location, 12-1:30 PM
Receive AM DEC credits
Network with Sponsors, growers/industry
Equipment Demos
Robotic Crop Estimator & others
DEC credits PM registration

1:30 to 1:55 PM Travel to Stop 5

Stop 5 Burch Farms, Frank & Hale Burch Farms, 342 Curtis Rd., Hilton, NY 14468 Follow Signs and park in Double-Open Rows in Northeast Corner of Orchard.

2 to 2:30 PM Brown Marmorated Stinkbug Trap Comparison, Art Agnello, Tess Grasswitz, Jim Burch
2:30 to 2:45 PM Mechanisms of Resistance Research in Fire Blight and Scab, Awais Khan

2:45 to 2:55 PM Travel to Stop 6

Stop 6, West Wind Fruit Farm & Blue Barn Cidery, 928 Manitou Rd., Hilton, NY 14468. Park in Cidery Lot in Front and in along open fields behind (right side) cidery if needed.

3:00 to 3:20 PM Fine-tuning the Oxbo Mechanical Blueberry Harvester, Jeremy Wolfe
3:20 to 3: 40 PM An update on Spotted Wind Drosophila in Raspberries and other crops, Greg Loeb
3:40 to 3:55 PM Peck Lab Hard Cider Research Updates, Greg Peck, Craig Kahlke
Receive DEC credits
Optional tour of Cidery with your hosts, Jill & Jeremy Wolfe (Sorry No Tastings Available Yet )

Adjourn 4 to 4:30 PM

Sponsor Set-up and LunchMap (PDF; 356KB)

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Asian Pears

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Raspberries / Blackberries

Raspberries / Blackberries



Unusual Fruit

Unusual Fruit

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Upcoming Events

2017 CCE LOF Spanish Summer Fruit Tour

July 22, 2017
Arriveal 12:45pm Tour Begins @ 1pm - 5pm
Geneva, NY

"The Science behind Horticulture"
What will Hispanic orchard workers learn in Geneva this year? Tour attendants will be welcomed and introduced to the Station by John Adams at the FRU facilities. There will be a tractor safety and a pesticide storage/handling demonstration session.

view details

Online Sponsorship Opportunity for Lake Champlain study tour for the Young Fruit Farmers

August 8 - August 10, 2017

Now sponsors of the Lake Champlain study tour for next generation fruit growers can sponsor online via credit card.
Please click on view details for more information.
These options can also be accessed by going to Sponsorship at bottom of page.

view details

National Apple Crop Insurance Policy Stakeholder Review Meeting

August 16, 2017
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Rochester, NY

>USDAs Risk Management Agency (RMA) is reviewing the National Apple Crop Insurance Policy for potential changes to be made in crop year 2018. RMA would like to meet with a focus group to discuss current policy issues and concerns. Apple producers, agents, and educators are all invited. RMA desires public input before any changes to the policy are made.

A PowerPoint will be presented that details the New York Apple policy performance and concerns. Experts from RMA's actuarial branch will be available to answer questions.

view details
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Online Evaluation Form - 2017 LOF Summer Tour

Fill Out an Evaluation Online - 2017 Summer Fruit Tour

2017 CCE-LOF Spanish Summer Fruit Tour

For more info and registration click here.

Sponsorship available here.

Young Fruit Farmer Study Tour Online Sponorship

Information & 3 level sponsorship opportunities here.

NRCC Funding Could be Reduced by 80%

NRCC Funding Could be Reduced by 80% - Contact Your Congress Now!
Art DeGaetano, Cornell University

The President's budget for FY 2018 drastically cuts funding for a large number of programs. The Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC) was not immune from these cuts and in fact faces an 80% reduction in funding. We are making our final push to assure that funds for the NRCC are maintained in the federal FY18 budget.

We are requesting that key NRCC stakeholders contact our supporters in the U.S. Congress to illustrate the breadth and value of the data services we provide. For over 30 years it has been through the support of Congress that the Regional Climate Centers have flourished. Feel free to use the attached template|pests
to get started.

It seems we may have a friend in Congresswoman Meng, from Queens so having people send a letter to her would be helpful.

They should also send their letter to their local representative, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, as well as sending a copy to me (address below).

Finally hitting people from the Republican districts in the state would also help. I have met with staff from:

Collins (most of western NY outside of Rochester and Buffalo);
Faso (Hudson Valley south of Albany and Catskills);
Stepanik (North Country)

So having them hear from someone in their district would be great.

The other republicans are

Zeldin (eastern end of Long Island)
King (southwest Suffolk County)
Donovan (mostly Staten Island)
Tennney (Oswego to Binghamton)
Katko (Syracuse west to Rochester)

Mechanical Blossom Thinning Video

Click link for Details.
Mechanical blossom thinning video and story.|crops|apples|crop*38

Spray Mixing Instructions Considering TRV

Spray Mixing Instructions Considering Tree Row Volume - TRV

Spray Mixing Instructions Considering Tree Row Volume - TRV
Terence Robinson, Poliana Francescatto, Cornell University
Win Cowgill, Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University

Click below for full article:

Precision Chemical Thinning in 2017

Precision Chemical Thinning in 2017 for Gala and Honeycrisp

Poliana Francescatto, Craig Kahlke, Mario Miranda Sazo, Terence Robinson

full article pdf. available here:|crops|apples|crop*38

2017 Census of Agriculture

Producers who are new to farming or did not receive a Census of Agriculture in 2012 still have time to sign up to receive the 2017 Census of Agriculture report form by visiting and clicking on the Make Sure You Are Counted' button through June. NASS defines a farm as any place from which $1,000 or more of agricultural products were produced and sold, or normally would have been sold, during the census year (2017).

For more information about the 2017 Census of Agriculture and to see how census data are used, visit or call (800) 727-9540.

"Visual Guide" for March Pruning

A Practical "Visual Guide" for March Pruning of Young and Semi-Young High Density Apple Plantings
Mario Miranda Sazo

The document is a practical and colorful visual guide that shows some important pruning cuts to better grow and train the "money makers" Gala, Honeycrisp, and Fuji trees. The pruning cut decisions are easy to follow and their objectives are simple.  More information and the guide can be found here:|crops|apples|crop*38

2017 LOF Winter Fruit School Presentations

2017 Winter Fruit School presentations that have been approved by the presenters are now available here|crops|apples|crop*38; past LOF Winter Fruit School presentations approved for public distribution can be found under the Apples at the bottom in a list.

Working with a Spanish Speaking Workforce

Please use the link below to watch a YouTube video in which Libby Eiholzer, Bilingual Dairy Specialist of the Northwest New York Dairy, Livestock and Field Crops Team and Mario Sazo, Extension Associate of the Lake Ontario Fruit Program discuss Building Campus County Connections: Working with a Spanish Speaking Workforce.

2016 Apple Crop Survey Results

The 2016 Apple Crop Survey Results are now available.  Click here for results.

Apple System Payback Calculator Now Available!

Apple System Payback Calculator
You can down load this spreadsheet to help you calculate the return on investment for an orchard system you are considering to plant or invest in.

New York Apples and Hard Cider Classifieds

A new on-line classifieds has been launched to help apple growers and hard cider producers "connect" and conduct business. This website allows users to post items for sale and items for purchase. The site is not exclusive to growers and hard cider producers selling and buying to each other. The site can also be used for grower to grower business and hard cider producer to hard cider producer business. Click the following link to start the website: Click the following to download basic instructions on navigating the site: NYAHC Classifieds Notice

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