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2023 Western NY Fruit Conference Materials

March 8, 2023

Conference presentations can be found in pdf format here, pending publication permission from author.

For more details visit:

Western NY Fruit Conference Program (pdf; 2726KB)
  • Program provided at the conference

Overview of Apple Production and Trends in NY, the US & Beyond (pdf; 2437KB)
  • Craig Kahlke

Current Juice Industry Trends in the Northeast & Beyond (pdf; 7871KB)
  • Doug Ricketts

Cornell's Efficient Vineyard Project: (pdf; 8567KB)
  • Experiences with Ag Technology in Grape Production - Dr. Terry Bates

Ag-technologies of TODAY: Orchard Robotics (pdf; 880KB)
  • Charles Wu

Ag-technologies of TODAY: Vine-View (pdf; 2952KB)
  • Matthew Staid

Ag-technologies of TODAY: Agri-Trak (pdf; 3745KB)
  • Jason Hill

Ag-technologies of TODAY: LaGasse (pdf; 23411KB)
  • Ross Gansz

Ag-technologies of TODAY: FloraPulse (pdf; 3727KB)
  • Michael Santiago

Ag-technologies for the FUTURE: Frontier Research in AI & Robotics (pdf; 201KB)
  • Dr. Yu Jiang

Ag-technologies for the FUTURE: Disease scouting in apple orchards (pdf; 2021KB)
  • Dr. Awais Khan

Ag-technologies for the FUTURE: Novel Weed Control Technology in Fruit Crops (pdf; 4865KB)
  • Dr. Lynn Sosnoskie

Ag-technologies for the FUTURE: Hyperspectral Sensing (pdf; 8385KB)
  • for Early Disease Detection - Dr. Katie Gold

Updates on fire blight management field research from Geneva (pdf; 2067KB)
  • Dr. Kerik Cox

Late season Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) in Honeycrisp-descendant apples (pdf; 3126KB)
  • Dr. Monique Rivera

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug statewide monitoring and apple damage assessments (pdf; 1128KB)
  • Janet van Zoeren

Managing Wooly Apple Aphid Infestations in Apple Production (pdf; 1478KB)
  • Dr. Monique Rivera

Managing Mites and Mite Flaring in Tree Fruits? (pdf; 1243KB)
  • Dr. John Wise

Preemergent Herbicide Timing Trial: Year 2 Updates (pdf; 7744KB)
  • Mike Basedow & Janet van Zoeren

Statewide Orchard Soil Health Project Updates’ (pdf; 15447KB)
  • Dr. Deborah Aller

Understanding Rootstocks, Root Traits, and Their Potential Impact on Tree Health (pdf; 4644KB)
  • Dr. Awais Khan

Should apple viruses be of concern to the New York apple industry? (pdf; 6243KB)
  • Anna Wunsch

Strawberry Troubleshooting (pdf; 2944KB)
  • Anya Osatuke

New York Cider Association Updates (pdf; 2978KB)
  • Jonathan Oakes

New Proposed RMA Apple Crop Insurance Policy Changes (pdf; 770KB)
  • John Fitzpatrick

New York Farm Unions & Collective Bargaining (pdf; 774KB)
  • Joshua Viau

The Orchard of the Future: Automation Efforts in WA (pdf; 132KB)
  • Dr. Ines Hanrahan

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Upcoming Events

2024 Virtual Orchard Meetup Series 'Water Wisdom: Navigating Tree Fruit Production Through Drought and Deluge'

June 6, 2024 : Trends in Water Availability

Our fourth series will focus on "Water Wisdom: Navigating Tree Fruit Production Through Drought and Deluge". Connect with industry leaders across North America, over 20 experts as they discuss this topic in these 90-minute online forums, and more than 1,000 participants. 

June 13, 2024 : Role of Water in Tree Fruit Physiology & Quality

June 20, 2024 : Smart Watering: Practices for Irrigation Management

June 27, 2024 : Water Wisdom Unplugged: Panelist Q&A

View 2024 Virtual Orchard Meetup Series 'Water Wisdom: Navigating Tree Fruit Production Through Drought and Deluge' Details

Western NY Hard Cider Tour - Registration Closed- contact Craig at - if any spots are still available

June 14, 2024
Lancaster, NY

Join specialists and researchers from CCE and Cornell on tour across WNY to local Cideries and orchards as they discuss production, varieties, agri-entertainment, cider varieties, and current trials.

View Western NY Hard Cider Tour - Registration Closed- contact Craig at - if any spots are still available Details

WNY Bilingual Soil Health and Beneficial Fungi Meeting

June 18, 2024 : Spanish Language Registration
Albion, NY

La tarde del 18 de junio, miembros de CCE LOFP, CCE ENYCP y el Programa de Salud del Suelo de Cornell ofrecerán una educacion bilingüe sobre los fundamentos dela salud del suelo, los beneficios potenciales de los hongos micorrícicos y una actualización sobre el estado actuaul del proyecto financiado por SARE sobre productos micorrícicos para huertos.

June 18, 2024 : English Language Registration
Albion, NY

Join the members of CCE LOFP, CCE ENYCP, and Cornell Soil Health Program for a bilingual training on the basics of soil health, the potential benefits of mycorrhizal fungi, and an update on the current project status of our SARE grant on orchard mycorrhizal products.

View WNY Bilingual Soil Health and Beneficial Fungi Meeting Details


Scaffolds podcast

Many of you probably read Art Agnello's statewide tree fruit updates and recommendations newsletter, "Scaffolds". Dr. Monique Rivera is bringing it back, but in a new audio version. Episode one was recorded this week, and is now available for free online at

NYS Tree Decline Survey

Your answers could help find the solution to tree decline in the orchard.
NYS Tree Decline Survey

Save the Date! - Scroll down for Upcoming Events

Have you missed a meeting recently? Scroll down for available recordings or pdf links or visits our YouTube Channel

2024 Events:

13 Jun - 2024 Virtual Orchard Meetup Series 'Water Wisdom" Role of Water in Tree Fruit Physiology & Quality - 7PM, Zoom

14 Jun - Western NY Hard Cider Tour 10 AM - 3:45 PM - 4 Stops in WNY

18 Jun - WNY Bilingual Soil Health & Beneficial Fungi Meeting - 4-6pm, Orleans CCE, Free, Register Now!

20 Jun - 2024 Virtual Orchard Meetup Series 'Water Wisdom" Smart Watering: Practices for Irrigation Management - 7PM, Zoom

27 Jun - Tree Fruit & Small Fruit Twilight Meeting 3_4 - 6:30pm-8:30PM, Penn Yan

27 Jun - 2024 Virtual Orchard Meetup Series 'Water Wisdom" Water Wisdom Unplugged: Panelist Q&A - 7PM, Zoom

29 Jun - NYS Honeyberry Conference - 8:30am - 4:30pm, Mexico, Space is limited, register now!

16 July - Apple Social - 6-9 PM, LynOaken Farm Market & Winery, Medina.

25 Jul - Tree Fruit & Small Fruit Twilight Meeting 4_4 - 6:30pm-8:30PM, Mexico

31 July - Apple Social - 6-9 PM, VanAcker Farms, Williamson.

Date To Be Announced - Annual Hispanic Summer Tour - Orleans County, Details to follow!

13 Aug - 2nd Annual WNY Fruit Grower Tour - Orleans County

Feb 4-5, 2025 - Western NY Fruit Conference - DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Rochester

Food Safety Virtual Office Hours

Cornell Institute of Food Safety "Virtual Office Hours", Tuesdays Noon to 1pm

Past recorded virtual office hours can be found on YouTube:

Webinar Recordings & Additional Meeting Materials

Check out the recordings of some recent webinars and/or conference materials from in person events: Recordings and Playlists are available at

2024 8-12 mm Thinning Meeting

2024 Capital Region & Western NY Petal Fall Thinning Meeting

2024 Statewide Pink Meeting

2024 Cornell Statewide Frost Protection Webinar

2024 Winter Fruit Webinars playlist on the NYS IPM Program YouTube Channel

2nd Annual Lake Ontario Fruit Program's Winter Fruit Conference - 2024 pdfs

PACMAN Details and Resources, Meeting Recording Links below:
Developers Conference for Precision Crop Load Management of Apples Playlist - 2024
PACMAN Briefing - 2023

Pollinator Resouces

Now available Pollinator Resource Links

Meeting Recordings Now Available

Did you miss the recent meeting?  Check and see if we recorded it and added it to our website or Lake Ontario Fruit Program YouTube Channel.

Honeycrisp Meetup recordings available here.

Why are my trees growing so poorly? recording available here.

Additional Recorded Webinars listing with recording and resource link are available at|crops|apples|crop*38

New Publication on Growing Pawpaws

Are you a fan of pawpaws? These custardy fruits can be hard to come across, so this guide provides information on how to grow your own pawpaw from seed, and how to care for grafted seedlings. Pdf on growing now available.​|crops|unusual_fruit|crop*50

New Weed Management Technology Survey

Want to move away from herbicide reliance? Are you using novel technologies to manage weeds? We want to know about it to inform our weed science research. A team of weed scientists from University of California Davis, Oregon State University, and Cornell University are asking berry, tree fruit, tree nut, and vine crop growers to take 5 to 10 minutes and answer this short and anonymous survey. Weed Technology Survey link:

For more information on this survey please visit

Pollinator Webinar Series - Summer 2020

The Pollinator Webinar Series presented by Penn State cover bee health and pollination services.

Bloom Pesticides for Pollinator Health

A reference table created by Janet van Zoeren and Anna Wallis, is now available at|pests.